Cult Levels

Movie cult status has levels. Sometimes you might think you can jump from a level 1 cult status to a level 5. Remember if you start to question everything we warned you!

Level 1: Beginner level. You do not have to be a devoted follower to understand. You can dip your toes in without drinking the kool-aid. The movies in this level are a little more acceptable by most and do not require you to have seen tons of cult movies.

Level 2: Curious Follower. You have gotten a taste of what it is like being in the cult. The movies in this level might be a little more extreme and maybe something you don’t want to watch with mom.

Level 3: Devoted Follower. You have gone to various meetings and are now letting other people know about them. The movies in this level are far from what the mainstream cinema is used to. You have entered so bad it is good territory.

Level 4: Right-hand man. You are now doing all the dirty work. The movies in this level are not for everyone. In fact there probably is a small circle of people who can stand it. This requires watching lots of cult movies in order to respect it as art.

Level 5: Leader status. You have convinced everyone that what they are watching is normal and that you must let everyone else know the truth. This level is not for the faint of heart.

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