In Memory of Anton Yelchin

I was about fourteen-years-old when I first watched House of D (2004). It was the first time I saw Anton Yelchin on screen and I was blown away. This actor that drew me in and made me fall for his character. The summer of 2006 it was on IFC pretty much all the time and I was tuning in every single time. I was hooked on Yelchin and from then on anything he was in I was excited to watch.

There are not many actors that I see on the big screen that I feel a connection to. Most actors I kind of forget about and they just remind me of the character they are playing. Something about Yelchin as a person seemed to always be present. From what I hear about him being one of the funniest guys and also at the same time a true over thinker made my assumptions of him fairly true. Although I never met him in person his characters will always live on. It’s sad to realize that there is no more movies that I will add onto my watchlist just for the simple reason that Anton Yelchin is staring in them. I know the best was yet to come but these are the top 5 movies of Anton Yelchin.

Charlie Bartlett 2007

Star Trek 2009


Like Crazy 2011

Only Lovers Left Alive 2013

Green Room 2015


House of D 2004


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